José, a spirited 24-year-old, lives in Costa Rica with his mother and seven siblings.

On a seemingly ordinary day in 2021, tragedy struck. As José was on his way to work, a traffic accident nearly claimed his life. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors fought to save him. The accident resulted in the loss of his left arm, and José faced a grueling recovery process that lasted over four months.

Just as it seemed he was turning a corner, he received devastating news: a bacterial infection necessitated the amputation of his left leg. José was now without both limbs on his left side.

José grappled with the physical and emotional toll of his injuries, but his spirit remained unbroken on his journey to recovery. Determined to adapt to his new reality, he faced each day with courage.

Unable to afford a wheelchair, José’s family reached out to our local distribution partner, the Do It Foundation. They fitted him with a new GEN_2 wheelchair, providing José with a means to regain his independence.

Now, José can navigate his surroundings with newfound ease, reducing his dependency on his mother and siblings. He expressed deep appreciation for the gift that allows him to embrace life once more, grateful for the second chance mobility has given him.