Happy Friday!

This has been an exciting week for our team as we prepare for our big annual fundraiser, Miracle of Mobility, on July 13th. Every year is exciting, but this year is even more exciting because we are celebrating the distribution of our millionth wheelchair.

Amid all this flurry of activity, I received a wonderful story from our distribution partner in Vietnam, Giving It Back To Kids, that I wanted to share with you. I was particularly touched by the story and I believe you will be too.

10 years ago, Nguyen Thi Du developed a spinal cord illness that limited her sense of feeling from the waist down. Her ability to walk was severely impacted. Walking a little more than the length of a football field on her own was considered an accomplishment.

For seven years, her husband acted as her main caretaker. However, three years ago he suddenly passed away. Sadness overtook Mrs. Du, and eventually, she suffered a stroke. The limited mobility she had was now, completely stripped from her.

Several months ago, we gifted a Gen_3 wheelchair to Mrs. Du. The look of gratitude that was etched across her face was priceless. Repeatedly, she thanked us and told us that we have gifted her a new pair of legs.

Thank you so much for your continued support of Free Wheelchair Mission. It is only because of you that individuals like Mrs. Du can have new hope in life.


Don Schoendorfer