In a small village in Luanchuan County, China lives a woman named Qinge (pronounced “chin-gey”), who prides herself in hard work.

Qinge dedicated many years of her life to intense physical labor that slowly took its toll on her. Unable to afford basic healthcare, Qinge did not seek treatment when her legs slowly began to weaken under the strain. She eventually lost mobility at 30 years of age, leaving her unable to work and provide for her family.

Devastated and feeling like a burden, Qinge sank deep into depression and anxiety. Qinge lost not just her mobility, but also her hope and will to live.

Her spirits were lifted when Qinge received her wheelchair.

Qinge was touched by the love and generosity shown to her as staff and volunteers from our local distribution partner took the time to assemble Qinge’s new wheelchair, teach her how to use it, and show her how to perform maintenance and repairs on it.

Because of friends like you, Qinge’s heart has filled with hope for the first time in years.

Giving someone a wheelchair does more than just lift a life off the ground: it can lift someone out of a sense of despair.

Would you consider lifting someone up with us today?