Distribution Partners

Our Distribution Partners (DPs) play a pivotal role in facilitating the efficient delivery of wheelchairs to those who need them most. Having been thoroughly vetted by FWM, each DP represents an extension of FWM’s core values.

We work together to identify where need is greatest, and FWM submits a production order to our manufacturer in Shanghai. The finished wheelchairs are packed into 40’ shipping containers and travel by ship to the destination port. Each shipping container contains 550 wheelchairs.

Our DPs handle all inbound logistics and ensure our wheelchairs clear customs. Our partners then assemble, store and distribute the wheelchairs to the recipients. In keeping with FWM requirements, all distributions include a training session and review of the FWM User Manual.

Our relationships with our DPs are vital to extending the reach of FWM. Our partners help us keep costs low, which in turn creates more life-transforming gifts of mobility.



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