He is risen indeed!

“An Easter Together” was this last weekend and we wanted to thank all of you for the amazing turnout! THANK YOU!

To Transparent Productions; Rock Harbor ChurchFrancis Chan; and the Easter Together artists Tyrone Wells, Evan Wickham, Jadon Lavik, Pawnshop Kings, Molly Jenson, Tim Timmons, The Natures and Rachel Chan: THANK YOU!

To Blood for Missions, Tropical Shave Ice, Lee’s Philly, The Lime Truck, Funnel Cake Frenzy, and Chomp Chomp Nation: THANK YOU!

But especially to every single one of you that came out to the event THANK YOU!! All of you made a huge impact through your generosity–it looks like we were able to raise enough money for a full container of chairs. That’s 550 lives that have been changed! 550 people who will get a wheelchair. 550 people who will have new opportunities for work and education as well as the lives of those around them. 550 lives blessed by your faithfulness and in the name of Jesus Christ! Again, thank you!