We wanted to share a quick story with you about one of our ambassadors, Nanette Suarez from Lakewood, CA!

Nanette attended FishFest in 2011. While there she stopped by the FWM booth and picked up a couple of the wristbands we were handing out. Her wristband was a trusty companion until the day it broke.  She called us to find out how to get another one—and hasn’t turned around since becoming one of our most innovative ambassadors.

Nanette has figured out many different ways of helping raise money and awareness for FWM. She volunteers at several local activities (including time at our Roger’s Gardens booth) and talks about FWM at her business and Bible study. Most recently Nanette held yard sale to raise money for mobility. Playing off that idea she and some of her friends also pooled together some gold jewelry they didn’t wear anymore, sold it, and donated the proceeds to FWM. By selling the jewelry, Nanette and her friends raised $600—that’s 9 people that now have a wheelchair. Nanette is consistently creating ways to ‘find money’ that she didn’t have and uses it in to transform someone’s life.  She’s managed to transform almost two lives per month since she started: 20 in all. We wanted to give Nanette and her friends a huge thank you for their efforts—thank you all so much!