We had told you about a visit from our friends at Fundación Vista para Todos last week, but they weren’t the only ones to stop by our offices. Another group from our distribution partners in Armenia, Pyunic, came by the offices to say hello and give us some feedback on how Free Wheelchair Mission’s wheelchairs were working back in Europe.

Pyunic and Free Wheelchair Mission officially partnered in 2010 and since then they have distributed 550 of our GEN_2 model wheelchairs to Armenians in need. Although the need for mobility spans all age groups in Armenia, Pyunic focuses especially on the elderly for the whom the need is most pressing. We were grateful that not only were they willing to come meet us here to talk about our chairs, but especially for the quality feedback on our GEN_2 wheelchair. Probably the most interesting observation they made was on the color of the chair. Most people know us by our GEN_1 wheelchair which looks like a white plastic chair with bike tires. Our GEN_2 wheelchair (seen here) looks quite different: besides not looking like a white plastic chair, it’s also blue. Pyunic informed us that not only does the color make our wheelchairs stand out among the crowd, but that the blue color also seems to help bring a sense of calm to the recipients. It was the first time we had gotten that kind of feedback and definitely neat to hear.

Thanks so much for Pyunic for playing an integral role in bringing the gift of mobility to Armenians who need it, and to everyone who supports Free Wheelchair Mission!