It has been said that the Bible is God’s love letter to humanity. Did you know that, second only to idolatry, including the love of money, the most talked about subject in the Bible is justice? There are hundreds of verses on the subject of caring for the poor, broken and marginalized. During Jesus’ three years of formal ministry, He proclaimed the Good News of the gospel, and He demonstrated His Father’s love in action. As His followers, we are called to do the same.

Poverty alone creates a number of challenges, but how much more so for a person living with a disability in a developing country? With few resources available to them, those with disabilities are left to crawl on the ground or wait to be carried by family members or friends. It is difficult or impossible to attend school, gain employment and have access to a number of vital services. For those people fortunate enough to have shelter, many are rarely able to leave their homes. They are the forgotten people, those who have no voice.

The Lord is known by His justice. As we deepen this journey of prayer for those with disabilities and the poor, may the Lord stir our hearts, deepening our love and compassion for our brothers and sisters in need.

Prayer Points:

  • Become aware and active in interceding for those in poverty.
  • Send out strength for those with disabilities and the poor who feel defeated and discouraged today.
  • Be a voice for men and women with disabilities in their communities.

Amos 5, Isaiah 58, Isaiah 30:19