Looking at Deepak today, you would never know that he used to be a young and energetic boy. A few months ago, a large door he was repairing gave way and suddenly fell on him. This accident was disastrous for a young boy who was the sole breadwinner for his family.

Deepak comes from a very remote village in the state of Gujarat, India. His father died when he was fifteen years old. He took the entire household responsibility on his own shoulders and started working as a laborer, providing for his mother and younger brother.

After the accident, the doctor said he would never walk again. His mother and younger brother took care of him, and a disheartened Deepak confided, “Just two months ago, I was working, playing and dancing like a normal boy. Now, I feel helpless and frustrated. I don’t know why this has happened to me.”

Little did he know that his life was about to change; Deepak received a brand-new wheelchair and his mobility was restored. Now able to move around on his own, he no longer feels dependent upon his family. Deepak is looking forward to a constructive future and hopes to return to being a breadwinner for his family.

Prayer Points:

  • That the gift of a wheelchair is seen as a gift from a loving God.
  • That people with disabilities realize they have a special place and position in society and in the body of Christ.
  • That Deepak and his family would be blessed.

Psalm 100, Job 30:25, Matthew 25:34-40