In the passage above we see a powerful truth concerning the precious heart of Jesus. The leper does not question whether Jesus has the authority or ability to take his infirmity away, but wonders whether he “wants to” make him well. The response from Jesus is immediate, and He confirms his desire to heal the man, even before He declares the healing itself. The heart of Jesus is evident throughout the scriptures, striving to meet people’s needs and deliver healing.

What a wonderful God we serve. His desire to heal those in need is just as strong for the world today. The heart of Jesus is unchanging. Hebrews 13:8 says: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” Our belief is that our powerful and unchanging God will bring healing to the lives of those with disabilities, the poor and the marginalized worldwide. As Jesus conquered sickness and disease on the cross, we declare in faith that He will demonstrate His healing power in the lives of the sick, needy and broken.

Prayer Points:

  • Miraculous healing for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs worldwide.
  • That individuals would stand in faith and receive the healing God desires for them.
  • Give thanks to God for His faithfulness.

Acts 3:6-10, Psalm 103:2-5, Matthew 8:5-13