Americans have been blessed to live in a free country in which access to one’s every need is generally obtainable. The freedoms and comforts many Americans enjoy have become so familiar that we may at times take them for granted and forget that many countries do not have these same opportunities.

Unfortunately, many people around the world are subject to corrupt governments that use their power to restrict the very freedoms we may take advantage of and even label a “human right.” Under these oppressive authorities there are still many people who have great need and are unable to obtain help.

In the book of Exodus, we are reminded that when the children of God, the Israelites, were oppressed under Egyptian rule, God delivered them. In fact, we see that throughout the scriptures, He hears His people when they cry out to Him. God sees and remembers those in need who may be forgotten or even hidden under the label of a “closed country.”

Prayer Points:

  • Peace for nations that may be experiencing internal wars or conflicts.
  • Freedom for those living with oppression.
  • Open doors in new and creative ways to access “closed countries.”

Psalm 146:6-9, Isaiah 52:12, Psalm 9:8-10