Jesus came to seek and save the lost. We are an aching earth, not only groaning because of lame hands and feet, but also crippled and sick hearts. The world is crying out, searching for a God who can make all pain cease and stop the storms of life. However, pain and sickness are not always physical—we need spiritual healing as well.

We are all in desperate need of the forgiveness, grace and love of Jesus Christ.

Over and over we get wrapped up in the cares of this world and let it choke out our desire and passion to see our family, friends and co-workers come to saving faith in the Lord. Our desire to do good should be motivated by a greater desire to see the lost come to a saving faith in Christ.

Injustice and heartache plague our senses and we ache hopelessly. The things of this world are temporary, our bodies fail, and our material possessions vanish. Jesus longs to see His children return to Him and love Him as we were created to do from the very beginning. The burning heart behind our desire to see God move should be for the glory of His salvation touching and restoring the heart of man.

Prayer Points:

  • For salvation for the recipients and their families.
  • That we would have boldness and compassion to share the truth and love of Jesus Christ with all.
  • For salvation for those impacted by the ministry of Free Wheelchair Mission: leaders, volunteers, government officials and communities.

Romans 1:16, Luke 5:31-21, Romans 5:8