Imagine a world where suddenly your entire life radically changes in an instant. Things that previously took hours now take minutes. Things you depended on others to do you can now do independently. This is what receiving the gift of mobility does for its recipients.

For someone who may have been previously confined to a bed or had to rely on others for their mobility, a wheelchair unlocks the world and opens new opportunities and freedoms. It allows dreams of school and stable employment to become a tangible option for the first time. They now have the freedom of independent mobility!

God desires freedom for his people, not only to live the life He desires for us but freedom from all things that are spiritually burdening.

For wheelchair recipients, this newfound freedom can be daunting and a bit scary—everything has completely changed, everything becomes new. For many recipients, exploring their new options and finding their place in their families and communities can become an overwhelming adjustment as they wheel onward.

Prayer Points:

  • Wisdom and strength for the recipients to know how to go about using their new mobility.
  • For an abundance of new opportunities to unfold due to their new mobility.
  • For others to see the impact the wheelchair has had on the recipient and give all glory to God.

Isaiah 40:28-31, Galatians 5:1, James 1:25