Providing wheelchairs to those in need is more than just a commitment. It is sacrifice, it is selflessness and it is love.
All over the world, the need for wheelchairs is painfully real but often unseen. A mother cries out for her child who cannot go to school. A father is conflicted whether to work or stay at home and care for his elderly mother who can no longer walk.
A victim of a landmine lives isolated in a back room.

Free Wheelchair Mission has an incredible and vast network of partnerships across the globe. They currently work with 92 different countries. Each of these countries has a distribution partner that receives the wheelchair shipment, assembles and then distributes the wheelchairs. Each partner has been carefully reviewed and understands that the work will be taxing and tiring but will ultimately bring more joy than they can imagine.

The importation process of the wheelchairs is never without complication. The assembly of the wheelchairs takes days of hard labor and attention to detail. The rewards indeed are great for this extreme amount of work and sacrifice. It does not go unnoticed.

Prayer Points:

  • For smooth operations of all distribution partners, so that wheelchairs are assembled and distributed quickly.
  • For protection against corruption or other outside influences that could hinder the assembly and delivery process.
  • For wheelchair distribution processes to be strong and efficient.

I Thessalonians 5:11-13, Ecclesiastes 9:10, Mark 11:24