2021 Virtual Move for Mobility Celebration Board

Celebrating everyone who ran, walked, rolled, or biked in our Virtual Move for Mobility!

We are so grateful that all of you took up the cause of mobility and are providing the precious gift of medical and mobility aids to those in need in developing countries.

We will post participant times as they come in so that we can all celebrate together, from wherever we are.

Thank you for sending in your finish line photos. Be sure to check out our social media pages to see pics of your #TeamMobility teammates finishing so you can celebrate with them, too!

Number Name Distance Time Activity & Location
1. Carla Wickham 48 miles 4 miles every 4 hours, 48 hours Ran; Boise, ID
2. Katherine Barnoski 5k 60 mins Walked; Alexandria, VA
3. Deborah Anderson Full Marathon 4 miles daily x 7 days Walked, spun, dance classes, stretched, TRX; Corona Del Mar, CA
4. Marianne McMurrin Full Marathon 5 days Hiking & Paddleboarding; Scottsdale, AZ
5. Nanette Suarez 5k 57 mins Walked; Lakewood, CA
6. Emily Dunlop 5k 57 mins Hiked; Colorado
7. Stuart Rattray 72 miles 25 days Ran; Connecticut
8. Ali Lee 300 km 31 hours over 28 days Ran Strava May Endurance; Tustin, CA
9. Elizabeth Henry 5k 52:04 Walked; Huntington Beach, CA
10. Stephanie Kelly 5k 1:18 Hiked; Champlin, MN
11. Nikki Tobia 10k 58:19 Ran; San Diego, CA
12. Danielle Janes 10k 1:58 Hiked; Boise, ID
13. Cayla Wilkerson 5k 1:38 Walked, Clarksville, TN
14. Guadalupe Quintero 1/2 Marathon 4:21 Ran; Corona, CA
15. Telecomprehensive Solutions 176.5 miles one hour per day for 30 days Walked, cycled, hiked, kayaked; Anaheim, CA
16. Connor Tobia 5k 32:31 Ran; San Clemente, CA
17. Kevin Tobia 1:51 Mountain biked; San Clemente, CA
18. Trevor Shubert 10k 57:48 Ran; San Diego, CA
19. Angela Gomez 94 miles three miles daily for 31 days Walked; Irvine, CA
20. Bay Family 18 miles three weekends hiked and cycled; Irvine, CA
21. Randy Crane Full Marathon 7:20 Ran; Irvine, CA
22. Adara Crane 5k 1:01 Ran with Daddy; Irvine, CA
23. Susan Griffiths Full Marathon 29 days Walked; Irvine, CA
24. Scott Griffiths Full Marathon 26 days Walked; Irvine, CA