GEN_2 Assembly Manual  PDF of the above image for printing

Free Wheelchair Mission’s newest evolution of design, the GEN_2, is a highly adaptable all-purpose wheelchair created for use in developing countries, while allowing for a healthy, personalized fit. Available in several widths, the GEN_2 features adjustable seating, large castor wheels, an extra-thick cushion, and customizable footrests for added safety and stability. Designed to accommodate a variety of users, the GEN_2 is particularly well-suited for children and recipients with special medical needs.

Intended to complement the current program, the GEN_2 successfully passed ISO standards of certification and can be manufactured, shipped and distributed at an economical price point. GEN_2 is projected to account for approximately 15% of wheelchairs provided in 2011. Free Wheelchair Mission is enthusiastic in rolling out the GEN_2, the latest approach to the dilemma of global disability.

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