Free Wheelchair Mission has a non-discriminatory, open door policy – we are first and foremost a humanitarian organization and all are invited to join us in our work to reduce suffering by sharing the gift of mobility with the world’s disadvantaged and disabled. We serve and care for our brothers and sisters around the world regardless of race, religion, culture, or gender, and we welcome supporters and volunteers from all backgrounds. The seeds of Free Wheelchair Mission were cultivated in a personal and deeply rooted faith in God; a core principal of the FWM organization is the desire to make evident on this earth a tangible expression of His love and concern for all mankind.

FWM believes that when Jesus Christ walked among us, He had a special heart for the poor, the sick and the disabled; when one of our beneficiaries is seated in a wheelchair for the first time, it is our hope that they feel they have been placed gently in God’s palm and that they find themselves wrapped in His love and care.

Embracing core concepts of service to the poor, cultural collaboration, spirituality, and respect for the dignity of all mankind, Free Wheelchair Mission works to provide mobility for the impoverished and disabled. Our goal is to transform the quality of life not only for the affected individual, but for families, neighborhoods and communities in economically disadvantaged areas of developing nations around the world.

We invite all like-minded individuals with a heart for this mission to join us on the journey.


…we recognize that the cycle of disability and poverty is irrefutable, that the risk factors of disability are especially treacherous and unavoidable for the impoverished and disenfranchised, and that the disabled are often excluded from full membership in the social and economic aspects of community.

…we have seen that a wheelchair gifts an individual with not only life-transforming mobility, but with independence, dignity, and hope.

…we have witnessed that empowering a disabled brother or sister lifts not only the individual, but also families and communities.

…we have faith that all humanity is encouraged, enheartened and enlightened by inclusion of all its members.

…we believe that Jesus Christ had a special devotion to the disabled while here on Earth, and that we are called to follow his example through our faithful service.

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